Community Voices on Gentrification: My Takeaways

I am feeling so grateful for the conversation on gentrification, hosted by the City of Raleigh last night. I’m grateful to Kristen Jeffers for sharing her story, for all of our wonderful panelists for sharing their truths and expertise, and for our attendees for caring so passionately about this topic and what's happening in our city (and across the nation).

I took pages and pages of notes, but here are three of my favorite takeaways:

  • From Yvette Holmes, DHIC: “Things are going to change - change is inevitable. But, people want to be included and have a voice.” “We must take care of our elders and our children.”

  • Pamela Wideman, City of Charlotte: “The problem is that people are being involuntarily displaced and they don’t have a chance to engage.”

  • Kia Baker, Southeast Raleigh Promise: “We can make positive neighborhood change instead of gentrification, we can do revitalization without displacement." Let’s “reimagine our communities together while honoring our legacy.”

Yvette Holmes also left us with this wonderful question, “How far are we willing to go to achieve equity?”

This event is not the end, rather another stop along our journey together. After the panel last night, I heard people say they want to continue having conversations and others who want action. I believe we need to do both.

As always, I'm interested in what you think so please let me know (below or by email: