Oxford Sidewalk

Regarding the Oxford Sidewalk proposal, which made front page news in INDY Week, I felt it was my responsibility to vote to approve the project.

I realize there are some community members opposed to seeing the sidewalk built and I hear these concerns. I also understand there are families with young children and other neighbors waiting for more than four years for this sidewalk to be built - a sidewalk that was originally requested by the residents of Oxford Road. I realize that city staff reached a solution that would minimally impact the trees in Fallon Park (where the sidewalk would go) and one that would help slow down traffic (a longtime neighborhood complaint).

Finally, as INDY Week’s article notes, “The city’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan lays out fourteen policies prioritizing the construction and updating of sidewalks throughout the city, with an overall goal of increasing pedestrian safety and access, encouraging alternative transportation, and connecting sidewalks to schools, greenways, parks, libraries, and transit stations.”

As an At-Large Council Member, representing the entire city, I feel it’s my responsibility to balance what constitutes a high quality of life for people alongside our City’s longterm strategic goals.