Homestays vs Whole House Rentals

The Raleigh City Council's Healthy Neighborhood Committees continues to work on rules for short-term home rentals (Airbnbs). Here's the latest from this week's meeting:

1. We drafted rules that would allow rentals (homestays) of up to two rooms in an owner-occupied home to as many as four guests plus children.

2. As far as whole house rentals are concerned, it's a bit confusing. Previously, we thought they were banned across the city. It turns out they're allowed in mixed-use districts (including downtown). However, they remain illegal in residential districts. You can see our zoning map here. With this in mind, the committee asked staff for a report on what allowing whole house rentals in residential districts could look like.

The (homestay) rule changes still have a long way to go, including votes by the full council and planning commission. That means more opportunities for public input. Be sure to write all your council members about what you'd like to see.

Here's the news coverage of the meeting from the News & Observer and from INDY Week.