Scooters: Transit accessibility AND safety concerns

Bird scooters arrived in Raleigh in mid-July and it seems it was the only thing folks wanted to talk about for months. Just as the buzz was quieting, Lime scooters arrived.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this transportation option. I think there are a lot of wonderful things to celebrate about scooters, including:

1) They are a form of electric powered transportation.

2) Scooters provide a great option for the last mile of a commute or short distance travel when folks may have otherwise gotten into their cars.

3) They highlighted our need for better bike (and now scooter) infrastructure - from lanes to racks.

4) They can help those who need supplemental income.

5) And, they’re super fun!

That said, I share the concerns about scooter safety and have been advocating for safe use. Per the scooter companies’ own policies, individuals should:

1) Ride on the street.

2) Wear a helmet.

3) Park them out of the right of way.

I look forward to seeing what our city staff will recommend in the coming weeks so that we can keep this fun alternative transportation AND implement better safety regulations. In fact, it’s what the vast majority of our downtown residents, workers, and visitors want too: scooters AND safety.