Protecting clean water now and in the future

Today, your City Council will be voting on a proposal to increase our water rates. I believe it is our responsibility to invest your money wisely to best protect our water resources for our health and future generations.

I am voting for the rate increase so we can: 
1) Continue replacing the aging water and sewer pipes that run throughout our city and avoid an increase in sewage spills;
2) Grow our water re-use program, which helps us use less drinkable water for non-drinking activities; and 
3) Continue to invest in our watershed protection program to protect our drinking water upstream.

By not increasing our current rates we would have to make cuts to these important programs. In the long-term, it would mean putting our drinking water at risk. I believe it's important to share my thinking when it comes to making decisions with your money and I know this rate increase will help us continue to preserve this critical resource.