Nicole, Les, Evan, and Liza Stewart

I am a working mom and local philanthropist, who's married to a small business owner, and I'm deeply invested in how Raleigh grows.

Why I Care About Raleigh

I am working for a better future for all of us.

Raleigh is home. After growing up in Apex, I settled down in east Raleigh with my husband, Les, to raise our family. As the wife of a small business owner and a mom to two school-aged children, I bring a unique perspective to my role on Raleigh City Council. I’m constantly thinking about how to improve our community for everyone from our business owners to those looking to start families of their own to those who lack necessary resources.

It’s no secret Raleigh continues to top “best of” lists and gain recognition as a great place to live, attracting more people every day. It’s City Council’s job to plan for this growth and make sure we continue to build a city that’s inclusive. We can’t afford to ignore issues and push off planning to a later day. We have a responsibility to be a regional leader on a range of issues, and that means acting now.

To create a bright future for all residents, we need to focus on our community values, such as housing affordability, sustainable transit, and a high quality of life for everyone. That means bringing expertise and various perspectives into the decision-making process. It’s my role to engage people who have a stake in our decisions (not just those with the loudest voices). To read more about how I’ve done this, click here.

I have a long record of reaching out to various communities and giving back. In my job as a fundraiser for NC Conservation Network, a statewide environmental advocacy nonprofit, I work daily to protect our natural resources. I co-founded the Beehive Collective, a giving circle that has given away more than $300,000 in 10 years to nonprofits doing work in Raleigh. My vision for Raleigh is one where all can prosper and enjoy a high quality of life -- something I’ll continue to fight for as your City Councilor.

I'm excited to shape our future and connect communities across our city in ways that are inclusive and accessible for everyone.



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Nicole’s determination and hard work were instrumental in getting designated accessible parking spots by downtown curb spaces. After years of City Council inaction on this issue, Nicole led the effort to finally get this done.
— Mark Ezzell, Disability Rights Advocate